Cloud based training labs

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Cloud based training labs

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Cloud based training labs allow companies to save money on training costs, while at the same time providing more engaging and effective training for employees. Here’s a look at how online labs can help cut training costs.

No Additional Hardware or Software Required

Using HTML5 technology, no additional software is required to be installed for the use of virtual labs, and they can be accessed through a browser . It is also hosted by the provider, meaning expensive server and IT maintenance costs are eliminated. Using virtual labs also makes rental of expensive computer labs and space unnecessary – trainees can login using cloud labs to complete their training anywhere, anytime.

Eliminates Travel

Companies can also reduce costs through the elimination of travel, as cloud labs allow employees to complete training from their home or office. Expensive airline tickets and hotel bookings become unnecessary, and the stress of airports and traffic removed. Cloud based training labs allow employees to do training on their own time without having to travel anywhere to do it.

Improves Efficiency

Since employees can complete their training through cloud based training labs, less time spent is away from the office, improving employee efficiency. Trainees needn’t spend time travelling, ensuring that they don’t fall behind on important projects or miss deadlines due to training courses. All training can be done in the office through their browser rather than travelling to a computer lab.

Virtual labs not only save on training costs for the company by removing the need for expensive software and hardware, elimination of travel, and improved efficiency, but benefit employees as well, allowing them to complete their training in a stress-free environment on a schedule that is convenient for them.